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Folklore performing group

Monday 7.30 - 9 p.m

Contact Tatiana to schedule the audition. Only intermediate and advanced dancers are welcome.Attendance of all classes are manadatory. This is a professional performing group. You will be required to buy costumes for performance

Semiprivate class

Schedule your day and time for a class with Tatiana

This class is designed for beginner level dancers and get you through the basics of belly dance while paying attention to posture, hands, legs , face expressions and etc.You will be introduced to belly dance basics while providing a full-body workout.This is a semiprivate class, want to share the class with someone contact Tatiana,she will find you a same level dancer

Private class

Schedule your day and time for a class with Tatiana

This class is designed for skilled dancers currently taking participation in competitions. In the class we work on advanced technique, polish every move, learn how to improvise and working on variety of choreographies and belly dance styles


Tatiana Werya is an international award - winning belly dancer based in Bay Area works every day to fulfill the highest expression of herself as a human being and an artist. She was born to be on stage, starting as a soloist of the choir, traveling across Russia and then as an independent singer with her own music band and then switched to a dance career from hip hop dancer to a full time belly dancer. Now she already has a resumé most seasoned pros would covet, peppered with competition titles, choreography credits, and even the co-founding of a dance festival. Now, Tatiana can add Nile Group Festival in Egypt folklore category winner 2018 to that impressive list of accomplishments. She is one of the acclaimed belly dance instructor in Bay Area. And with every gig she lands, Tatiana is challenging some of the dance world's longest-held biases. She can fuse oriental and folklore in a brilliant way thanks to her impressive musicality, but it's her joy that makes her a real standout. You feel it with every step: Dance isn't just Tatiana's passion. It's her life.

Sponsors and producers of festivals, please contact Tatiana at tatianabellydance.show@gmail.com for cooperation

Video classes

Can't visit my class?NO PROBLEM! Get the video class and practice at home any time!!!


Beginner basic technique


Complete 1 hour class covering all basic technique

Beginner basic steps and walks


A complete 1 hour training covering some basic travel steps

Intermediate technique session


Malfuf,Maksum and Romba, rhythms and combinations


A complete 2 hour training covering some rhythms and combinations for your oriental piece

Beautiful dresses for sale

Call me at 415-697-4396 or email to tatianabellydanceshow@gmail.com for more information

Professional Costume by Hisham Osman (new)


Exclusive design by Hisham Osman Bra B- C Over the neck strap 24 inches maximum Under the bust 36 inches maximum Skirt length Front - 38 inches Upper hips 34 inches maximum, lower hips 40 inches maximum In great condition, never worn Shipping is included!

Professional Costume by Mitskevich


Design by Mitskevish Bra B- C Over the neck strap 20 inches maximum Under the bust 32 inches maximum Sleeves 5 inches long Skirt length Front 14.5 inches, back is 48 inched. Upper hips 34 inches maximum, lower hips 40 inches maximum Some discoloration on over the neck strap, overall in great condition. Shipping is included!

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Tatiana Werya

Executive Producer of Sahra Arabia Festival

Tatiana is an award - winning belly dancer based in Bay Area, she is a champion at Professional And Folk Categories at MBC 2016, and champion at Props category at BDUC 2017. She is not only successful teacher with 15 years of experience, but also the director and producer of Queen of the Rhythm Competition, International Belly Dance Convention, based in SF/Bay Area. She also producing new festival Sahra Arabia,the only theatrical show in USA. Her teachers are Egyptian, Russian and Ukrainian stars of belly dance. The only way to grow as a dancer and develop your skills is to learn from others!!! That's why Tatiana attends belly dance festivals all around the world and gains deeper knowledge of Oriental Dance.